Tech Note 1 - CPU Memory

  1. Battery
    1. A rechargeable battery is preinstalled in every VIPA 300S CPU to maintain the contents of the CPUs RAM when power is removed. The battery is also used to maintain the internal clock. The battery is recharged by the CPUs internal power supply and can maintain the RAM and internal clock for up to 30 days.
    2. The CPU should be connected to power for at least 24 hours to fully charge the battery.
    3. If the battery dies, the contents of the CPUs RAM will be lost and the CPU will execute an Overall Reset on the next startup. If a MMC card is connected, the program contents from the MMC will be transferred in to the work memory of the CPU. If no MMC is connected, the CPU will copy the permanently stored extended know-how blocks in to work memory.
    4. In the event a MMC is not connected and no extended know-how blocks are available, the PLCs work memory will be empty.
  2. Program Storage
    1. Program files can be stored on a MMC and, depending on their file name, will be loaded into the work memory of the CPU under different circumstances
      1. S7PROG.WLD - Program will be loaded in to the work memory of the CPU after an Overall Reset, executed manually or after the battery has died.
      2. AUTOLOAD.WLD - Program will be loaded in to the work memory of the CPU on startup.
      3. PROTECT.WLD - Program blocks will be permanently stored in the CPU after executing an Overall Reset. Only the block header can be transferred back to a PG.
    2. MMC Formatting - MMC Cards should be formatted as FAT16. VIPA MMC card come pre formatted.
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