Getting Started with VIPA

Picking a Controller

VIPA offers a wide range of controllers, ranging from a simple 8KB PLC up to the powerful 8MB Speed7 CPUs. Several PLCs offer multiple communication options such as Profibus, Profinet or EtherCAT.

Coming from Siemens

Former Siemens users will feel right at home using VIPA products. Every current VIPA CPU can be programmed using Step 7 V5.5, with select models even supporting TIA Portal. VIPA CPUs can even reuse your existing programs, sometimes with no changes required.

For those used the the S7-300 platform, VIPAs 300S series is perfect. It offers I/O modules that can directly replace existing S7-300 modules and CPUs with up to twice the memory as a comparable S7-300 CPU.

Coming from Allen-Bradley

Many Allen-Bradley users are scrambling to find a replacement for the aging MicroLogix platform. VIPAs SLIO CPU is a great replacement. It offers superior performance, expandability and connectivity at a price point that will satisfy any OEMs budget.

Need to replace a CompactLogix CPU? SLIO can even replace some existing applications, and when it can't, the 300S CPU is there to take on any existing challenges.

The Right Software

VIPA CPUs support several programming packages. Unlike other PLC plat forms who want to lock users in to one pieces of software with a yearly fee, VIPA offers choice.

VIPAs current programming package is Speed7Studio. It can be used to program all VIPA CPUs (with the exception of 100V), VIPA HMIs and select Siemens S7-300 CPUs.

WinPLC7 is also available from VIPA, and a Lite version is included for free with every 100V CPU. It can be used to program all VIPA CPUs, and select Siemens S7-300 CPUs. It does not support creating Profinet connections, but does support Profibus-DP.

All VIPA CPUs can be programming using Step 7 V5.5, and select 200V, 300S and SLIO CPUs can be programming using TIA Portal V11-13.

Programming Cables

All VIPA CPUs feature a MPI port for programming, and can be programmed using our 950-0KB31 cable.

300S, SLIO and select 200V CPUs have a built in PG/OP ethernet port and can be programmed with a standard ethernet cable.

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